Saengvith Registered Ordinary Partnership had established since 1985 by Mr. Panumas Chunsang and Mr.Wittaya Saetung and transformed to Saengvith 2000 Co., Ltd. in 2000 which managed by Mr.Panumas. We are the distributor of well known brands of scientific instruments mainly from Europe and America. As a committed representative, we have provided the satisfactory product, after-sales services and any required support to customer. We have various instruments for fully satisfy various customer requirements, from laboratory to industry. Experienced and well trained sales and services teams will be available to assist you anytime.
Let us take you to our world of bright scientific instruments!


TOC Analyzer
The Fusion utilizes powerful UV Persulfate oxidation allowing superior Carbon liberation from even the most challenging matrixes...
Spe-ed 4
Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) 
Designed for every day use in the research lab, the Spe-ed SFE-4 is easy to use, cost-effective, and durable...

Vacuum Coating Systems
Vacuum Coating Systems
Usiversal experimentation chambers for vacuum coating. Systems for university and industrial research...
Dual-stage rotary vane pumps
Pumping speed 2.5 to 65 m3/h. Ultimate pressure 10-4 mbar. For medium and high vacuum applications. Certified acc. to ATEX RL 94/9/EG...
Land & Sea’s DYNOmite Dynamometers are affordable, state-of-the-art automotive and marine engine dyno systems featuring sophisticated data-acquisition electronics. Their unique design delivers a price/performance ratio formerly unheard of for professional, computerized dynamometers.
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